Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Berry Spinach Salad

I do not consider myself much of a cook although when I do cook no one dies and everyone seems to love it.  Haha. I'm starting to embrace cooking more as it really makes my hubby happy!! I posted an easy Swiss cheese tuna casserole recipe yesterday that I concocted all by my little self and it turned out fantastic.

I will be trying to post some original recipes as I come up with them and some from my friends, many of who are amazing cooks!!

Note: My recipes will be EASY!!!! I am not a rack of lamb kinda gal so I hope you like them and if you are looking for complicated gourmet stuff you may want to look elsewhere ;)

Today I'm sharing a recipe for Berry Spinach Salad. So good, everyone requests it when we have a "potluck" dinner.

I use bagged spinach but always wash it even though it is prewashed.
2 bags of spinach, add one box of dried cranberries or "Craisins".
Add 2 cups  of slivered almonds (as much as you feel you want~this is a recipe that can be tweaked as you like).
Crumbled feta cheese
A large bottle of balsamic dressing ( I prefer Newman's)
Mix it all together and let it sit in the dressing for about an hour.
If I feel like it I add fresh strawberries and blueberries and sometimes instead of almonds I use candied walnuts. Not as healthy but ridiculously good!!!

I hope you like it!! It's so good in the Summer on the patio with some fresh bread. I also always make it as a side dish for Thanksgiving (I feel it fulfills the cranberry requirement lol).

See you soon!!! Melissa


  1. Thanks gor starting my day with a giggle, girl! I, too, have a zero fatality cooling record and am very proud of that. :) I love the easy recipes, we will have to swap sometime. Have a fab day! ~Weez


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