Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Farmhouse Historical Photos Found!!

Yes!!! It has finally happened! After living here for eleven years and having no luck, even from the previous owners, we have found pictures of our home in it's "more original" state!!

I met the new President of the Ross Township Historical Society and with his help I have a piece of my history forever. I feel so much more connected to this house, it is something strange and wonderful.

These photos were all taken in 1931, exactly 100 years after our home was built.

Below~ the view from our home of the farm that was once over 300 acres and is now only one.

A side view. I'm getting chills looking at this. You can see my kitchen door (it's black) and my kitchen window to it's right. My oldest sons' bathroom is the top right window. Gosh this feels so surreal!!!

This is the back  yard and cart path that is now a pretty major road. Rochester Road for Pittsburgh locals.

The back entrance to our home which now has a home on the left and a chiropractor on the right and a bunch of homes  in between :( Oh to have lived here then!!!

 I hope you enjoy these I am blown away and feel like God smiled on us today with these.


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  1. OH MY WORD MELISSA! This is a FABULOUS FIND! And oh so refreshing to hear appropriate excitement and love of a home with REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS HISTORICAL VALUE! So happy for you dear... Bless you for sharing! ~Weez

    1. BTW - you have inspired me to pick up my blogging again. :)

    2. omg!!! what a wonderful compliment!!!! Yay for you! Can't wait to read it :)

  2. How special! So happy you were able to get these!!!

  3. What a wonderful thing! I'm glad that you were able to find your own piece of history!



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