Sunday, February 24, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different!

So... Pinterest is addicting, and I am unashamed in my guilty little pleasure!! I spent quite some time this week perusing the delights it had to offer in the way of "bright living and dining rooms", which was my search.
Well I got what I came for and then some. I started an inspiration board and realized that while neutrals are beautiful, I am ready to go light and bright. Quite honestly, for those of you who don't know yet, I suffer from depression. Living in a city that gets 3 good days of sunlight a year~yeah saw that on the Weather Channel or somewhere, I need a mood booster!! According to whatever place I gleaned that weather tidbit, we have gloomier weather in Pittsburgh than in Seattle...WHAT?!?!
Yikes! So I am all about self help and was so cheered by just perusing on Pinterest that I resolved to change my ways and the interior of the big old farmhouse. I think I saw it shudder at the prospect of being primed and sanded and painted and tweaked yet AGAIN. But in the end I am sure it will "sing" as my fave designer Alexandra Stoddard says, and bring us much joy and positive energy!

So this is how it all started, with the pins...

These are just a few of the pins that had me craving color.

Today started out like a normal Sunday~chillin' around the homestead.

But then hubby got the urge to paint the dining room red (long story and a few tears shed on my part so we won't go into that). 

That took us to Home Depot and the paint aisle. And remember the scratches in my livingroom paint that I was trying to cover? Big fail. So, I thought, "Hey if we are gonna repaint the whole room this is my chance to go light and bright!". And so it began.

You've seen the before pics of our livingroom if you've been a reader for a bit. Lots of neutrals and not a lot of natural light.

This is where we are right now. One coat on about half the room. The paint is "Allen and Roth's The Bubbly". Nice and bright, pretty white. I can't wait til it's finished in a few days. But I am definately going to enjoy this process and take it a bit slower than usual. I will let the room talk to me and tell me what works in the space. I am so excited to add color!!!

These are some of my color inspirations...

<3 love
 I'm so ready for this big change!!!!

Stay tuned!

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