Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine Mantle Tutorial

Wow! The year is flying by and it's already time for hearts and flowers, pink, red and white. Well, that's what I think of when I think of Valentine's Day! With that in mind, I decorated my mantle accordingly.
It was a ton of fun and even better than I had hoped because Rhys got really into the process!! He was soooo cute!! He kept handing me heart cookie cutters and saying "Look Mommy it's just like you!" I guess when he sees hearts he thinks of me! <3

This was my design inspiration from Pinterest ~ Cute right?!

I was excited because I already had shiny,white yarn left over from Christmas, to string the hearts. I love finding a use for something I already have in my stash!

I purchased some beautiful paper that's double sided from Sugar Pink Boutique : one of my new loves!!! You must check them out if you craft or like I do~try!
Isn't it pretty?

I needed a template to make hearts because, well, just because. I wanted varying sizes and found these cuties tonight at Target <3

I traced varying sized hearts on the papers with the prettiest prints. I totally got my money's worth out of that paper!
I love the way some hearts have smooth edges and some have wavy ones~

 I used a paper hole punch to make room for my yarn and strung on the hearts~

 My super adorable little helper <3~

I even used the paper that I had cut the large hearts from as a "frame" for other paper I had left~

Like this~

I used the tiniest paper hearts left over to sprinkle in a silver tray~I'm thinking of stamping Valentine words and phrases on them~

I used alphabet rubber stamps and a brown paper tag from Sweet Plum Party! | Pick Your Plum

 And I added faux berries from Sugar Pink Boutique~

 To make this~

 I strung more hearts from pink polkadot ribbon lengthwise from the left vintage frame~
 and from pompon garland on the right~
 then added my "LOVE" banner from Robyn's Reverie~

  I made some flowers from tissue paper~

 ~And the end result~

Thanks for visiting me and I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Very Cute!! Rhys is really growing like a weed!!

    1. Awe thank you!! He really is~he will be 3 this month!!!

  2. WOW!!!! I am so impressed with your mantel and inspired by your creativity! Your mantel is so romantic and french shabby chic! Thank you so much or your kindness over the past couple of weeks! Thank you for promoting my shop too you are so sweet and thoughtful! God bless you sweet Melissa and have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Jennifer xo

    PS... Your son is just precious!

    1. Thank you Jennifer!!! You're welcome~love you shop and you are so lovely :) Thank you!!

  3. Melissa, Your banner is adorable and I love the vintage frames.
    xx, Sherry

    1. Thank you so much Sherry!! I am loving your blog and I'm honored to have you here!!


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