Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finally My Kitchen Christmas Tree Reveal

It's finally done, well sort of. It doesn't really "feel" done to me yet so I will more than likely be adding things throughout the season as I find them. I love trees that are jam packed, but not ridiculously overstuffed, with goodies. There's def a balance. For now, since I'm super tired and ready to move on to my living room tree and other projects, this is as good as it gets lol. I used many blown glass vintage ornaments from the 1930's that were made in the Ukraine. I was fortunate enough to win several boxes of them in an Ebay auction a few years ago. The rest of the ornaments are all from... you guessed it, Target. They have a gorgeous new line of vintage - look ornaments in beautiful pastels. balls, bells, candy canes and big , glittery snowflakes with tinsel accents. I used some beautiful, turquoise crystal bead picks to stick in the tree at various spots to fill it out and give it more depth. I especially love using the picks at the top of the tree around my vintage - look, silver glitter star topper.  I took a video because it captured the tree better than photos. I have zero idea why I didn't actually light the tree while I videotaped. Could be because it was 7am and I had a sleepless night. Unfortunately I have tried to upload the video, and that appeared successful, but I can't get it to play : -/  So for now I will post the video on my FB page and some pics here.  Enjoy : )

The finished product. It turned out the way I had hoped and sits very pretty in our kitchen.

Poinsettia are one of my favorite things about Christmas, I have always loved them. Pink and white are my favorite and look so sweet under a tree.

I used some of the original vintage blown glass on this tree but saved most for our living room tree. I was trying to keep the color palette limited. I purchased most of these ornaments at Target. I love a good vintage reproduction and these are so lovely.

Little touches of tinsel to make it sparkle

Huge glittery snowflake ornament with tinsel accents-so sweet!

Happy Tree Trimming!!

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