Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Definition of "Shiny"

"Shiny", according to the dictionary, means : "full of or reflecting light".  I love shiny things and one of my favorites is tinsel.  Its glittery and pretty but kinda silly and cheesy at the same time. Tinsel reminds me of this blog, it doesn't take itself too seriously.  I hope it makes you laugh and brings you joy.     So when I speak of celebrating the shiny things,  it may be a child's smile, the companionship of  ever-faithful pets, a beautiful garden, delicious food, or a loving word. All of these things are "full of light"and "shiny", hence the name : )

 I hope you enjoy "Tinsel" as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.  xoxo ~ Melissa


  1. Perfect title and perfectly you!! Very proud of you babe!!

    1. Thx baby. Next time make sure you're logged in under u lol!!


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