Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lllllaaaazzzyyyy Sunday

I basically got nothing done today : -/.  I did go to a clothing party for my sister which turned out to be pretty fun and eventful as I got a super cute jacket and a much needed formal winter coat. It is cut amazingly and feels like cashmere. Jockey-who knew? The best part was spending the afternoon with my sister because she is always there for everyone it was nice to be there for something that was important to her.

So after a nap I took a quick run to Target and picked up a couple sets of pretty pastel ornaments. I'm hoping they will complete my tree. Tim built me a really nice platform to give it more height and drama it had nothing to do with keeping it out of Rhys' reach lol. He is busily covering it with a snow blanket as I type; such a sweetie! I have a suspicion thought that these last few sets will not complete my tree as it seems my design aesthetic, for Christmas trees that is, is "less is definitely not more!"

The super pretty pastel balls I got tonight at Target. I think they were five dollars a box. They are plastic, which normally I would balk at, but they are so pretty and made well enough that you would never know. It helps that they are shatterproof and inexpensive. Makes me feel good that Rhys can't get hurt if he grabs one either. I always buy varying sizes and textures but keep the palette limited to four colors. Three seems not enough, five too many lol. I hope to have the tree completed by tomorrow with pics to follow. I hope you all are bustin out your decs and havin a blast!


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    1. thanks so much alison!!!! all due to your amazing tips : )


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