Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trimmin Trees N' Such

 Busy day! I have my kitchen tree almost done and some tabletop displays finished. My fingers are covered in white spray paint which is always a good sign! One of the best things about decorating is all the cleaning and furniture rearranging that gets done simultaneously. Tim is upstairs cleaning the family room and rearranging furniture to make room for the LEGO table that is soon to be deposited up there. I'm super happy to get the table out of the living room as it drives me bonkers.I will be in a better mood daily when it is upstairs out of sight : )
I have successfully tossed out any damaged ornaments and decorations or things we simply have no use for anymore and it feel soooo good. It is my plan to consolidate the eleven massive Rubbermaid containers we have storing the decs down to at least eight. I always feel like I can breathe when I toss old stuff. My sister and niece know, all too well, my "out with the old" philosophy. And they love me for it lol!! So here are some pics of my day so far. Let me know what you all think if ya have a moment. Hope your day was as productive and fun as mine : )

This is a cute, little centerpiece I made with goodies from Target. I get creative at 3 am : )

This is a closeup of the tree in my kitchen. It is almost complete. I wanted you all to see these amazing turquoise crystal spikes I bought. They look so cool poking out of the tree. It gives it a really fun, different look.

Haha this is my hall filled with the Rubbermaid explosion! Eleven containers that I promise myself I will narrow down to 8.

The kitchen tree almost complete.

My super adorable nutcrackers from one of my fav stores: Abundance in Portersville, Pa. The have the most gorgeous and unique Christmas goodies. I will not miss their after Xmas sale!! I am planning on adding to my nut folk this year!!

If you are around my age or older you will probably remember the old paper hoses we use to have under our Christmas trees. They were covered in faux snow and glitter and I loved my parents' so much! Well Target (big surprise I got them at Target), brought out a line two years ago and I bought a bunch. These are much bigger than the ones I had as a kid. I am soooo in love with them. This is a pic of two of them surrounded by vintage looking bottle trees (one of my favorite things) and a vintage looking glittery santa : )

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