Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prepping For Spring

Winter's time is running out!
I can't say I'm sad about that. I try to embrace Winter. I mean, I live in Pittsburgh, I have to ~ right?  I did my fair share of Winter decorating right after New Year's.
Fresh evergreens and pinecones and lots of candles. Throws everywhere, I even bought a cable knit lampshade.
 Everything looked cozy and inviting. The weather is still so cold here but there are only four more weeks til Spring and I am planning to usher it in as never before! I have never been so ecxited to surround myself with fresh flowers again. I mean grocery store flowers are great but actually having a cutting garden is the best!
I'm ready to throw open the windows and watch the curtains blow in the breeze. I'm ready to see my perennial garden of coneflower, French lavender and Russian sage in full bloom. I'm ready to feel the sun on my face! I am quite sure I am Vitamin D deprived!! So for now I am cleaning and rearranging things in eager anticipation.
Simplifying things, getting rid of the things I don't need, want or use. Spring cleaning~what a wonderful thing. It is a time to refresh and renew and I am up for the challenge! I rearranged the accessories in my living room today, cleaned mirrors, wiped down the shelves in the bookcase. I moved my beautiful "Paris" tablerunner to a pretty new spot under a lamp with a rattan shade. I arranged all my mercury glass votives on the mantlepiece. I have so many now!! I'm so pleased with this sweet little collection and in my mind I see them overflowing with pink and white roses, peonies and fresh boxwood cuttings. The house smelling amazing.
I love putting all signs of Winter away. Bidding them a fond farewell and placing them in their proper storage until they are needed again.

Here's my front hallway as it was yesterday:

Winter filler under the cloche, a star anise wreath and that cable knit lampshade!

 Switched out for Spring with some moss, twigs and speckled eggs under the cloche, some lamps transferred from the livingroom and a shabby vintage frame.

I would post pics of the living room but the boys have a friend over and it is video game central right now. Not super picture worthy.

I mentioned on my FB page a few weeks ago about our leaking bathroom pipe and the resulting damage to our entry ceiling. Here's a pic~

So that's on hubs' to do list today. In fact he's at HD right now. 

Upstairs in the master I am repainting an armoire that was my oldest son's. It is halfway done... I was shooting for today but life gets in the way sometime!! Here is the before pic~ 
After hopefully revealed this week!

  Enjoy your Sunday!!! Melissa

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  1. Oh dear! I just now realized, with your help, that I MUST HAVE a cloche for our front entry! What a great idea to have it seasonally themed! I have a significant lack of "seasonal" decorating efforts and I need that to be different. I was raised with traditional holiday overboard decorating, never subtle. I think I rebelled the last few years and didn't decorate for anything except "everyday" and "Christmas". I see now that I can have "truly seasonal" with just a few minor adjustments and very little cost. Thanks doll!

  2. HAha you are so cute! Cloches are typically really expensive , I got this at Target (Smith and Hawken) I think it was 29.00. Most I have seen are 40-80 (just a tip). xo

    1. Marshall's, Ross and Home Goods... TONS of cloches for much cheaper! :)

    2. We just got a HG here it's like 25 min away. Gotta check it out. I have Marshall's and Ross right here and I never go so I better start thanks!

  3. Cute! I love how you decorated that cloche. Feel free to link up with me for Moonshine Monday at The Honeysuckle Bus Stop!

    Amber @ The Honeysuckle Bus Stop


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