Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY Ice Candle

So I've been thinking a lot about candles lately. Following along with that theme I am bringing you a DIY ice candle tutorial. These are so amazingly gorgeous lighting a walkway to your holiday home and they are so easy to make.


          Tools needed: ~plastic bucket
                                   ~ a tall glass
                                   ~rocks to weigh down the glass
                                   ~ cranberries and snips of boxwood and or holly.
                                 Other filler can be used: evergreen, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, star aster, fresh fruit or flowers etc.
                                  ~your freezer
                                  ~votive candle

Steps:    1) Fill the bucket with water a couple of inches below the desired height of your candleholder, make sure you allow for displacement.

             2) Place rocks inside the glass. Place the glass in the center of the bucket. The glass will create a void where you will later place the candle.
             3) Drop the fresh cranberries in the water, they will float.

             4) Freeze the bucket until the water turns to ice.

             5) When you're ready to use your candleholder: run the outside of the bucket under hot water to loosen the glass, then pop it out of the center.

             6) Place your votive in the center hole where the glass used to be and light.

How gorgeous is this?

Photo: courtesy of Shabby & Charme

Note: for a more neutral, non-holiday, look you can leave out the cranberries. Various sized and shaped containers can be used to add variety.

These are made with fresh fruit:

 One of my favorite ideas is using fresh flowers for a wedding or special event. The ideas for filler are limitless.

These are so fun and so different than ordinary luminaries. Enjoy! ~Melissa

Photos: courtesy of Google Images


  1. What a brilliant idea! I love the cranberries on ice! Thank you so much for inspiring me today!

    Happy day to you!


    1. karianne I cannot believe you took the time to visit my page. Thank you so much for the email help you are a dream!!!! xo~melissa


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