Sunday, December 30, 2012

When Christmas is Over

Well the big day has passed and I've begun to dismantle my Christmas decor. I love the feeling of having so much space after everything is tucked back away. But I don't want the house to look bleak and depressing just because the holiday is over. So; it's time for some Winter dressings. I bring in all fresh evergreens and tons of white candles. I was lucky enough to receive some gorgeous mercury glass globes and votives from my husband for Christmas and am in the process of displaying them now. I have urns and hurricanes filled with Winter filler: pinecones, faux snowballs, grapevine and silvery accents. Mirrors and silver or pewter trays are also being used for their cheery shine and reflection of candlelight. Woodland animals and snowmen are also great props for the season. Some of the prettiest decor is made from things we have lying around, ice skates and old skis or sleds, knitted hats and mittens look adorable on a wreath or just displayed with some greens.
Evergreen looks the most stunning to me against a silver or white/ivory backdrop so I prefer pewter, mercury glass and white ironstone to display them. Natural elements such as birch branches, twig wreaths and burlap accents make lovely touches. Your Christmas vignettes of snow covered  bottle brush trees don't need to be packed away yet and look especially pretty under glass cloches and displayed on trays or cake stands for added impact. Here are some of my favorite Winter looks, I hope you enjoy them. Happy New Year and Happy Winter!!

This precious wreath is so fun and unique I would leave it up till January's end.

Chunky knits are one of my favorite things to decorate with.  These candleholders are made from old sweaters~absolute genius. Texture is always an important design element. You should incorporate all five senses in decorating and varying textures keeps things fun and inviting.

Greens and berries, so simple and beautiful. I incorporate natural elements in my decor as much as possible. The energy and feeling of groundedness they bring to a home is amazing.

 Urns, cloches and topiaries are three of my favorite things. They always put a smile on my face. I love keeping the palette simple, just greens and whites/ivories. Pewter and glass for cheery shine and a rusted patina on the urn makes for interesting texture. The graceful curves of a cloche or urn keep the eye stimulated and everything becomes visually appealing.

Candles are one of the most inexpensive and overlooked design tools. They should not be underestimated! Again, add visual interest and keep the eye stimulated by varying textures and colors but keep the palette limited to avoid everything looking too busy. I love the mix of mercury glass with the bronze and this sweet, little deer is too adorable.

 This door decoration is genius and the best idea I've seen to welcome you home.

It's all about touch and layers for warm, Winter decorating. Add furry throws everywhere. Knits, chenilles, thermals. So cozy and inviting.

Stay cozy friends! xoxo ~ melissa

All pics are from Pinterest.

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