Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tis' the Season for...Strawberries?

Winter doesn't really seem like the time to blog about strawberries but I have found some super cute and yummy strawberry themed holiday goodies I'd like to share. I am always a "party mom" at my boys' school and with our new more health conscious society we are asked to bring mostly healthy treats. Here are two of my favorites and a punch recipe that's just for the adults : ) ...

                  Strawberry Santas:


How cute are these Santas? I fell in love with these when my friend Melissa posted them on Facebook.
You need 1 pound of strawberries, 1-8 oz. Package of cream cheese, softened, 3-4 Tbs powdered sugar and 1 tsp vanilla. Cut off berry tops and remove stems,reserve tops. Clean out the middle of the berry. Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. Put the mix in a piping bag or Ziploc with the corner snipped off. Fill berries, replace the tops for Santas' hat and add icing for buttons and ball of his hat. Eyes are tiny dots of black icing.

Strawberry Tree Centerpiece:

This is so elegant for a dinner party. You will need a large styrofoam cone (not floral foam as it contains carcinogens), 3 pounds of strawberries, toothpicks and chocolate to drizzle. Reserve one perfect berry for the tree topper.  Secure the berries to the cone using the toothpicks. For more color you can add fresh mint leaves in between any bare spots. Place the top berry and drizzle with your melted chocolate. You could also use a fresh mango, cut with a star shape cookie cutter, as a star on top of the tree.

                                                                    Ho Ho Punch:

This punch recipe was given to me by my friend Gail. It is so easy and delicious. Just take 1-2 liter bottle of ginger ale, 1 bottle champagne and two bags of frozen strawberries. Mix together, your berries will work as ice cubes and keep your punch cold throughout your festivities!

Healthy Holidays Everyone!!


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