Tuesday, December 11, 2012

White Christmas

Christmas is soon upon us and I don't know about you but I am more in the spirit than usual! I hope you're all getting your decorating and preparations done so you can relax and enjoy this magical season.
As I get older, and my design aesthetic has changed, I am gravitating much more toward minimalism in my Christmas decorating. And in my general, year round decor as well. Now I adore a multicolored tree and have one in our living room as you may have seen. And in my kitchen, my white tree is adorned in pastel vintage ornaments, silver beaded garland and vintage look floral picks and it is jam packed, hardly minimalist. I love the way it looks but just once I would like to have a more simple, natural bent on my decorating. With small children it is difficult as they want the big, colorful trees and lights everywhere. Maybe when they grow older I will finally be able to try something different, more simple and rustic. Until then, I'd like to leave you today with some of my favorite simple holiday rooms and vignettes. Various shades of white on white, an abundance of natural evergreens and lovely white candles everywhere. These give me such a peaceful feeling and I hope you will enjoy them. A good snowfall here in Pa. wouldn't hurt either! At least I'd have a semi-white Christmas! Enjoy!

Photos Courtesy of Shabby in Love


  1. Such pretty photos! Came over from my FB page for a visit!

    1. Thanks so much Luci! I'm glad you like them :-)
      I hope you'll stop by again!

    2. Love It! FB as well.Very Pretty!


    3. Thank you Tammy!! I'm so glad you visited :-) xoxo~melissa


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