Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Rest Not Resolve

Do you have goals for your home in 2013? Are they specific or general? Organization, remodeling, redecoration, landscaping? Sometimes it all feels so daunting. Sometimes I don't wanna set goals anymore. Sometimes I just wanna take a year off. Living in 180 year old house I honestly can't imagine an entire month without a project, much less a year!

I suppose maybe it would be better this year to forego goal~setting and just relax and enjoy my home. Whatever growth comes will come naturally. What a refreshing plan. To actually enjoy my home, no pressure, no list hanging over our heads. Time to put aside all the "if only this were done" or "if I could just afford to.." and actually give thanks, consciously, as a daily practice, for what I've already been given and accomplished.

I want to plant flowers for my and my family's enjoyment and to bring beauty into the world, not because I worry about what my neighbors think of my yard. It's time to just sit on the porch with a glass of lemonade and watch the boys play in the yard without thinking "I have to pull those shrubs out and plant a new boxwood hedge", or "if we planted more trees and put in a privacy fence we will feel better." Granted, we may feel better if we did that but not when we feel pressured to do it. Not to scratch one thing off the to do list only to add five more.

I will definitely continue to do projects, out of necessity and plain desire. But from now on, with more of a conscious effort to do the projects out of love for our home and family. To give thanks for what is already in front of me. To stop grasping and bloom where I am planted.



  1. I agree! I think that making a decision to projects out of love for your home is amazing!


  2. Great post.
    Glad to find your blog, in addition to your FB page.

    1. Thank you so much barb! I'm so glad you found me!!


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