Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Project

 Happy 2013 everyone! I don't know about you but I am ready for some major undertakings this year!

I have decided to start in my laundry room...

It's pretty bad...

It looks like this...

No I didn't move the dirty laundry out of the picture before I snapped, excuse that K?

I can say I have a lot to work with.

Good bones and lots of natural light and it's big~quite a bit bigger than this picture suggests.

Which is great, but means I have my work cut out.

I will keep you posted and pray the project will be finished in one~yes one~month...

I hope my husband reads this... :)

And I hope the room turns out like this...

Or even this...

I'd love one of these...

So I can actually look forward to this...

Because for now...

: ) ~Melissa

All images via Pinterest


  1. LOL! Melissa you are the best! This is hilarious! I am planning on re-doing my laundry room this year, too! Thanks for all the inspiration!


    1. Thank you Karianne!! I'm so thrilled you stopped by again!!! I can't wait til my blog design is finished~I hired a designer and we start in Feb!!

  2. Inspiring and funny, two great combinations in my book. You've got good bones to pull any one of these off. Good luck and look forward to the finale'.

    1. thank you so much Tia!! I'm so glad you dropped by~your words mea so much :)

  3. oh I think those cupboards across the top of washer and dryer are perfect.

    off to open the store.

    see you on FB



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