Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The School of Life

~ My sweet little 11 year old mini man makes my heart swell.
He's the only one of my three school age boys that loves it. He cried so hard on the last day that I thought he would hyperventilate. "I don't want to go to Florida mom, why can't they have Summer school?" "I'm going to miss my teachers." Drip, drip~the sound of my heart melting.

~ This year he decided to take an extracurricular French class. The first day he was so excited, mostly for the fact that they ate "lots of French snacks".  But today he came home and asked if they award scholarships in French. I assured him they do, to which he replied; "Well that's what I'm gonna do mom, get a scholarship in French!"

~ "Would that make you proud of me?"


Once upon a time I was told I would probably never have children.  It's days like today that all the struggle, tears, pleading and even despair seem so insignificant, such a tiny blip of a memory. Now I can see God smiling back then, knowing that one day my own little boy would declare he wants to try to secure a scholarship in French and if that would make me proud of him. Today God reassured me that my struggle wasn't in vain, that He heard my cries and He knew one day that all the pain would be lost in a sea of curly blonde hair and in innocent, smiling brown eyes.

Je t'aime Noah, Je t'aime.



  1. Melissa - you just made me cry! That was exquisite. As though you wouldn't be proud of him no matter what....

  2. Oh my gosh Michele thank you so much! That means so much to me <3


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