Friday, January 25, 2013

My Valentine

I was fortunate enough to meet my soulmate at age 8, he was 14. He was my brother's best friend and called my parents "mom" and "dad" long before they were his inlaws.

I watched him graduate high school, Army boot camp and Washington & Jefferson College long before we dated. I remember  at age 12 or 13, laying on my bedroom floor with my best friend Maralee, declaring that I would marry him.

I stood on the beach, at nearly 17, and asked God aloud to make him mine. It worked and we began dating shortly thereafter. He took me to my Senior prom and attended my high school graduation. And one October night in 1990, he knelt down in a park at Pitt University and asked me to marry him.

He graduated dental school and was pulled to active duty unexpectedly. At 18 I married him and off we moved to Fort Bragg NC and began our married journey together.

We have enjoyed 21 years and  4 beautiful  boys.  We have endured my suffering from manic depression for nearly all of our marriage and 2 bouts of severe PPD that required weeks of hospitalization. He has spent countless sleepless nights comforting me. He watched me nearly die giving birth to our last baby when my blood pressure soared from pre~eclampsia, then crashed to 43/20. He's written me poetry, remodeled my 180 year old dream house, worked tirelessly building 2 dental practices and has been the best father to our sons.

In all, he has been my Prince Charming and fulfilled the vows he made to me faithfully and with an ever joyful and optimistic attitude.

Some people overlook Valentine's Day as a silly Hallmark driven holiday full of pressure to buy unnecessary gifts and sappy cards. I see it as a day to remember and give thanks for the love of my life and the romance I asked God for on that beach nearly 23 years ago.

Happy Valentine's Day <3

                   ~Via Pinterest

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  1. What a wonderful testimony of love. Thank you so much for being so transparent. You are a blessing to many.

  2. What a wonderful testimony of love for your husband. Thanks so much for sharing the gift God gave you and him.

  3. What a lovely story to come across and read, thank you for sharing! Also thanks for visiting my Facebook page today. It was great to then come and visit your blog. Decorating is a life-long thing, isn't it?! Alison

    1. Awe thank you Alison!! It is lifelong but I think that makes it exciting~watching how much you've grown and knowing you'll keep growing!! It's a passionate love affair!! I'm so glad I met you and thank you for checking it out <3

  4. What a beautiful love story! Thank you for sharing!! :)


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